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Saturday, 24 November 2007
Letter To Phillips
23 February 2006 20:32 EST | Posted by allan366

To Whom It May Concern #1
July 24, 1995 (Rekeyboarded 12/13/05)

Kelley Phillips
PO Box 10667
Tallahassee, Florida 30302

Dear Mr. Phillips,

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by leaving a message on my phone number 792-3919.
At about 5pm on Friday, I received a call from the Baltimore FBI giving me a number here I could call. I want to double check your box number with you on Monday before I send this letter. I will then call them.
I believe the person who murdered your daughter may be a David Mills.
I have known Mills for about twenty years, since we were both patrons of a bar, now closed, called The Clark Street Garage.
In early 1979, his girlfriend broke up with him and she and I dated for about six weeks. She then returned to him and became, I believe, addicted to crack cocaine and probably heroin. They were both involved with the occult, believing themselves to be witches. When we first started dating, she was on her best behavior, but one evening she “changed” on me and I began to think the relationship had no future. Shortly afterwards, she disappeared with Mills for three days and I felt I had to let her go. Although it was painful for me to see what later happened to her, I had a teenage son whom I felt a first responsibility to. They married, and after a couple of years they divorced, and I do not know whether or not she is presently alive.
(Note: 12/13/05:- About 5 years ago, in Donna’s Mount Vernon cafe, Debbie introduced herself to me and to a young man she said was her husband.)
It would be worth noting that in 1980 they were involved with a Robert Barnaba who was arrested on August 19, 1980 for running a drug ring in the neighborhood. Barnaba still lives in the neighborhood and maintains a bank account at the NationsBank branch at 32nd and Saint Paul.
Mills is a jewelry designer and repairer and seems to work as a freelance at a number of firms. He would be known to the trade.I have kept track of him. Sometimes he has a booth at a fair and once when I approached him he picked up a hammer shaped like a small maul which he must use in his work. In the past, I have seen him at Hopkins Spring Fairs laying out tarot cards on a blanket, probably hoping to contact a kindred spirit. He also visits the CHIP house which is a local halfway house for alcoholics; he has been in the recovery movement for a number of years, which also puts him in touch with a number of vulnerable people.
In February or March of 1989 I had a street confrontation with Mills in which he told me he could make a lot of money off me as there was a bounty on my head. He and I had had no particular contact son I assume that he was upset about something other than our relationship. At certain times of the year or under certain circumstances he seems to go into a disturbed state. He is probably schizophrenic.
In February, 1990, he was still living in the neighborhood, around the corner from me at 3019 North Calvert Street which was the former home of William West. I spoke to West about his experience with Mills which included many tantrums and much destruction of the house. Mills had met West’s wife (2005 note: Diane, who also lives in Mount Vernon) at the CHIP house. West’s telephone number was 661-4886.
In November of 1993, I was discussing your daughter’s murder with an Ann Turner (2005 note: original letter wrote Taylor rather than Turner.) and she said someone was boasting about having done it. I did not respond to her comment, but I made a note of the conversation.
In March of 1995, Mills appeared in the neighborhood and seemed to be going onto the Hopkins campus. A couple of times I would come home and find him seated on the curb, glaring at me. At one point, he was laying out tarot cards on a sidewalk table. I have since seen him in the Mount Vernon area which is also where West’s ex-wife now lives. He may be staying with her.
In the past several years, Mills has become friendly with Jimmy Rouse, the son of local millionaire developer James Rouse and until recently the owner of Louie’s The Bookstore Cafe which is where Keri Ann Sirbaugh worked until she was murdered in June in circumstances similar to your daughter’s. I enclose an obituary.
In a bulletin board message posted a couple of years ago, Mills gave a telephone number of 889-0956.
I will be sharing this information with Detective Hagin and the FBI.
As I told you when we first talked, I believe my coming forwards with this information may put me at risk for my personal safety. For that reason, I will be sharing this letter not only with you but with a number of other people in and out of the Baltimore area.
(December 13, 2005 Note: Letter and other material shared with Ross Klatte, 6945 Beggs Road, Nelson, BC V1L6S5, Canada, phone (250) 229-4359, email: From January to March 2006, Klatte and wife will be vacationing in Yelapa, Mexico near Puerto Vallarta. Information discussed with FBI Special Agent Jim Fitzsimmons as Sirbaugh case was being investigated by them. Later this letter was discovered in the Phillips file by retired Homicide detective Donald Worden who was hired to review cold cases. He spoke with Ann Turner.)

Posted by allan366 at 1:15 PM EST
To Whom It May Concern 1980-99
23 February 2006 20:37 EST | Posted by allan366

To Whom It May Concern #2

AUGUST 21/1980 - THE SUN - 3 held in alleged Charles Village cocaine ring
Raid at an apartment in the 100 block of West 39th Street whose occupant, a 21-year-old medical student, was in the intensive care unit of Union Memorial Hospital being treated for an overdose of cocaine.
(NOTE: Police raided operation after one of the dealers overdosed on his own goods. Had already reported Barnaba to city narcotics downtown prior to raid.)
AUGUST 24 - THE NEWS AMERICAN DATELINE: CITY & COUNTIES - Three indicted on charges of operating cocaine ring.
Operated since early 1979. Charged Edward Baker III, 21, Robert Borucki, 32, and Robert Barnaba, 32. Drugs sold in Charles Village, Towson, and Federal Hill with profit of at least $16,000 a week. Also named as unindicted co-conspirators were three other Hopkins students, a former Hopkins student and a Dade County, Fla. man.
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1990 - THE EVENING SUN - Unsolved murders - A Special Report - Second of five weekly articles - Mystery hours stump police by Mike Klingaman
Detective Jim Hagin. Bridget Phillips, murdered May 22, 1989. Bloody footprint 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 Head Edge II shoe. Phillips had eaten a white meat sandwich between home and school.
(NOTE: Phillips could have stopped in house where Mills might have been staying and might have had a sandwich with him. Mills questioned about case, Detective Donald Worden told me lat4er. Baltimore magazine story on crime printed a couple of years later described Bridge at party with occult overtones, perhaps santeria, wearing miniature dolls in her hair. This also might have been after Hopkins Spring Fair where Mills would sometimes troll for fellow occult believers by dealing tarot cards on a blanket between stands and where he also sometimes had a jewelry booth at the fair. Note that Bridget according to her father also had an interest in jewelry (the Phillips family business?).
Uhland ED Hofman, owned, operated bars
Retired in 1980 as owner of The Clark Street Garage. Howard L. Cardin, Baltimore lawyer and longtime friend. Survived by 4 sons, Mark Hofman of Glen Burnie, Edward, Otto and Michael Hofman of Titusville, Florida; a daughter, Sue Hollingsworth of Severa Park. (Wifes name: Betty)
Phillips murder. Police believe the killer brought a weapon, a heavy hammer with a rounded head or another metal object, such as a small, hand-held fire extinguisher. Bridget beaten mercilessly, far more times than necessary to kill her. Killer did not flee immediately. Bits of the victims bone and blood found in the bathroom drain, suggest he cleaned up in the shower. The killer left by the front door, locking it firmly behind him and taking Ms. Phillips key chain, possibly as a keepsake. No other valuables were missing.
(NOTE: When I discussed this case with Klingaman, he asked me if Mills were dirty Did not ask him what he meant, but I remembered that Debbie had told me that Mills was circumcized and that he did not clean himself properly, causing her infections. Thought that if murderer had had sex with Bridget, he might have left smegma behind.Also, he may have taken Bridgets keychain because it may have included a key to where he was living. I had encountered Mills at Johns Hopkins University when he had a jewelry table at the annual flea market in The Glass Pavillion. He brandished a small hammer similar with a rounded head similar to what was described in the police report and which I take to be a tool used in making jewelry.)
SUNDAY, JULY 16, 19995 - THE SUN- Death leaves tangled trail by Jim Haner
Three weeks snce Bill Sirbaugh found body of daughter Keri Red hair. Mark Bell, 30, friend from Louies The Bookstore Cafe. Detective Neverdon assigned to case.
(NOTE; Had story on Neverdon the detective in my files. May have been removed by Erick or someone else. Neverdon may have accosted me recently as I was waiting for the bus in front of Louies The Bookstore Cafe. Television coverage of the time of Keri investigation showed two black homicide detectives interviewing white bar owners in Fells Point which I felt was a bit of PR showboating and possibly because of difference in racial attitudes a bad choice of investigators.Also removed from my files were court papers relating to my conviction and probation for telephone misuse and a letter from Paul Valentine, reporter for The Washington Post, acknowledging receipt of materials from me.)
APRIL 29, 1997 - THE SUN - Hopkins Store to be replaced by Donnas by Jacques Kelly
After 26 years at store, 8 as owner, Barbara Freeman learns her lease will not be renewed.
(NOTE: This would have been about the time my apartment may have been entered by David Mills, who left loose knots in many electrical cords and tight knots in rollupblind cords and shoelaces. This also may have been when Freemans daughter put chewing gum on chair in kitchen and in pack of plastic raincoat. Barbaras then BF Scott who worked at Eddies Liquors at the time was probably also involved and may have been fired by Eddies owner because of his involvement. Believe Scott was a resident of Hampden as are, I believe,the Freemans.)
MARCH 11, 1997 - THE SUN - Drug dealing suspected at Hopkins by Peter Hermann
Drug stash at 100 East 32nd Street. Homicide Detective Neverdon.
(NOTE: Hopkins has 3,400 undergraduates and 1,500 graduate students.)
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1997 - THE WASHINGTON POST - Slaying of State Senators Associate Remains a Mystery in Baltimore by Doug Struck and David Simon.
Slaying of Senator Larry Young associate.
ROOM FOR RENT In Rowhouse, close to Johns Hopkins U. and Loyola. Walking distance to shops at the Rotunda and not far from the Village of Cross Keys and Mt. Washington. Reasonable Rent. Full use of kitchen. Non-smokers and students preferred. For more information, please contact Dave at 889-0956 or leave a message on machine (after a series of beeps).
Block, Deborah Elise (DB) (1993) I began a relationship with DB in December of 1978 when she was 19 years old and I was 45. This lasted approximately 6 weeks until she returned to David Mills (DM). I first met DB a couple of years earlier when she ad her friend Susan Neville (SP?) moved into an apartment on Calvert Street. I was walking up the street and Susan called me from the porch of the apartment and asked me to help them move some furniture. At that time, I met DBs moher who I remember as wearing slacks and boots. DB was moing intothe city for the adventure of it, I think, and maybe to meet someone. Susan, who was already divorced and who had broken up with her boyfriend Arvin Meyer, would have found DBs beauty useful in attracting men. I later came to think that DBs moher may have had a number of motives for moving her daughter into the city --- as I later said to DB, Do you and your mother compete much? Also, DB had younger siblings /and the Block family may have helped her to move out as a means of protecting her younger brother and sister from DBs witchcraft beliefs. I may have seen DB earlier with Susan in The Clark Street Garage where someone may have said, Thats Susans girlfriend. She thinks shes a witch. Wheres her broom? I asked them. DB met DM very shortly afterwards and afterwards they may have moved into the Calvert Street apartment with Susan and then may have gotten rid of her or Susan may have moved out on her own. (He wouldnt take no for an answer, DB said later to me of DM.) How nice that you finally met someone who believes in the same things you do, DB told me someone in her family, probably a grandparent, said when they learned that DM, her new boyfriend, also believed in the occult.
(NOTE, 1999: Susan married and had three children with a David Gudlaxen who went on to become a software engineer. They are now living in Silicon Valley and Susan, who has family in Baltimore also corresponds regularly with Dolores Moran, a former Clark Street Garage regular who is currently employed by Morgan State University.)
DM REPORT - February 25, 1990, Also made copies July 31, 1995 (This may have been included in a letter to my son, Erick.)
This will tell you why I could no longer publish The Charles Street Paper, probably why I was dismissed from State employment with no unemployment benefits. I share this information with you as a form of insurance which you will also understand when I tell you that I believe the Northern District police are waiting for my money to run out.
This regards my relationship in early 1979 with Deborah Block (DB) who returned to her previous boyfriend David Mills (DM). DM proceeded to marry her, get her addicted to crack cocaine and pimped her to a number of people includng denizens of the bar The Clark Street Garage, some city officials, and members of The Northern District police. I have reason to believe she was transported across the Maryland/D.C. State line to work on the 14th Street strip in The District which at that time included a number of go-go bars. I am enclosing a copy of a letter written by her to me at the time she left me.
A number of City officials were involved to keep her in prostitution. I believe then Mayor now Governor William Donald Schaefer was a customer of hers and I believe he knows I know this. Then States Attorney William Swisher was responsible for removing police surveillance of The Clark Steet Garage owned and operated by Eddie Hoffman. A Northern District polie officer named A.W. Fell attended a luncheon with me at The Baltimore Science Center where he identified me to Mayor Schaefer. An Officer Tinker walked DM and DB past me on Saint Paul Street with his baton at the ready while across the street was a squad car with several officers includng Northern District Captain Mervyn Spiwak who was later named head of Central District by Mayor Schaefer. Witnesses to this action included a Kent Waters and his wife who knew what was occurring. DM introduced DB in my sight in The Homewood Deli to a black officer by the name of Sallee.
I put The Clark Street Garage out of business by maintaining my own surveillance of it from inside while drinking coffee in the bar. I joined The Charles Village Civic Association telling then Association President Tom Hooper that I wanted to do something about drugs in the neighborhood. That led to my helping establish The Charles Villager . (Tom Hooper then was Donor Services Manager of The United Way of Central Maryland.)H
I then established The Chzrles Street Paper as a private venture. Among others, I met with a local builder, C. William Struever, who expressed interest in my sources of funding of which I had hardly any as you know. Struever proceeded, at the instruction, I believe, of Mayor Schaefer, to establish The Charles Street Management Corporation in an effort to put me out of business. This effort succeeded as when I met with Laurie B. Schwartz, the Executive Director of the Corporation, she indicated that no help would be coming to me from the Corporation. I enclose one of the last issues of The Charles Street Paper for April, 1984 which reports on the founding of the Corporation. I believe these actions were taken to forestall my using the paper to report on the situation with DB.
Mayor Schaefer then went on to be elected Governor of the State and C. William Struever was named a member of the Advisory Council of the State Department of Human Resorces for which I worked. I have reason to believe that it is his influence which is responsible for the unusually punitive action in separating me from employment and denying me employment benefits.
All of the police mentioned are still on active duty;DM still lives somewhere in the neighborhood, recently around the corner from me at 3019 North Calvert Street which is the home of the former wife of William West. I spoke to Mr. West recently about his experience with Mills which included many tantrums and much destruction of the house. Wests telephone number is 661-4886
About a year or so ago I had a street confrontation with DM in which he told me there was a bounty on my head. I am inclined to believe him. In the meantime, I am told that the Northern District police are waiting for my money to run out.
(NOTE 1999: No longer true that police named are still employed by the Police Department. Both Sallee and Fell have retired from the Baltimore Police Department and both are now employed by Johns Hopkins University as security personnel.Prior to that, Fell was permanently assigned to the Charles Village area for almost 20 years. Note also that this places Mills in the Charles Village area at the time Phillips was murdered.)

Posted by allan366 at 1:12 PM EST
July Draft Letter to Mayor Dixon
Draft Letter to Mayor Dixon

Allan W. Garske  Weblog:

3101 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21218-3420 Phone: (410) 880-2483 

MAIL: Box 27442, Baltimore, MD 21285-7442



July 24, 2007 (DRAFT ONLY – Not Sent – September 19, 2007)

The Honorable Sheila Dixon

City Hall, Room 250

100 North Holiday Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

FAX: (410) 576-9425


Dear Mayor Dixon,


I am writing to request that you have the Baltimore City Police secure my apartment as a crime scene full of evidence which it is. This is because my apartment was entered over the weekend and several 120 minute recording tapes were removed. This was a continuation of actions taken over a period of time, some of which are detailed in a letter sent to my landlord a copy of which may be viewed on my weblog at A neighbor who may have knowledge of this is Drew Burden who resides at 3208 Saint Paul Street Apartments where his telephone number is 235-4618. Although Mr. Burden is relocating to Arbutus, he may also be contacted at his place of employment which is Downtown Social Security.


One of the individuals entering my apartment is probably a David Mills who is a member of the Charles Village drug scene with whom I have had problems for years. This Mills may be found at the house of Diana West, 3019 North Calvert Street, at Eddies Supermarket on Saint Paul Street, or possibly in a Village Lofts apartment on Saint Paul Street. He was mentioned to me by Homicide Detective Donald Worden as a person of interest in the 1989 murder of Johns Hopkins University coed Bridgette Phillips and was also in the vicinity when Rouse empoyee Keri Sirbaugh was murdered. The Cold Case Unit of the Homicide Division of the Baltimore City Police is familiar with both cases.


I have discussed some aspects of my situation with Steven J. Hess of the U.S. Attorney's Office. I was referred to Mr. Hess by Congressman Elijah Cummings and U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. I am mailing copies of correspondence to these persons as well as to you rather than use Email which I regard as not secure.







Allan W. Garske

Posted by allan366 at 12:01 PM EST

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